☾☆ My Readings give peace of mind and 

clarity. If you are unsure about which

reading to choose let me tell you a little

about each of them so you can pick which

one suits you and your needs.

☾☆ The Palm Reading is very basic and

only tells you about your self, and your


☾☆ The Palm & Card Reading is done at

the same time and will tell you about your

self, your future, people around

you and realationships.

☾☆ The Psychic Reading is a very strong

Reading and will tell go into Past, Present,

Future  yourself, people around you,

realationships, Love Career, Family

matters, future goals, Path in life, Guardian

Angels, Past lives, Guidance and Destiny.

☾☆ For more information, pricing and to

make an appointment please feel free to

call (707)542-9898 . Gift Certificates also


                             Phone: (707)542-9898

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