Hello my name is Madame Lisa. I've been blessed with this beautiful gift to help people just like you regain clarity and peace of mind. Are you tired of wondering if he or she loves you? or feeling confused about what's going on in your life at the moment? Or even just wanting to know what the road looks like up ahead, I can provide you with honest answers and the guidance your looking for. Through my gift I can advise you in all matters such as Past, Present, Future, Love, Family Matters, Career and much much more. My Readings are very private and confidential and will leave you feeling rejuvenated and at ease. I have been in Santa Rosa for over 45 years in the same location helping many people with different problems. I can help you see the true meaning of life and guide you towards the right track so you can see a clearer tomorrow. I will listen to your situation without judgment and help you regain strength and confidents. I also offer spiritual healing for those in need. Do your self a favor and let me help you see life for the better! Just 1 visit convinces you. Call me today for an honest Reading, in person or by phone. (707)542-9898 . I'm also available for party's and events, thank you for visiting my website and many blessings to you.

                                     Phone: (707)542-9898


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